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HFP closed for business Monday, October 2nd, 2017. Due to many impactful changes in the local and national health care scene (detailed in this letter) it became necessary to close the business down.

We attempted to reach all patients by regular mail back in July 2017 regarding this decision. While we made every effort to contact all patients on our computer roster, it is inevitable that some were missed due to simple human error or changes of address. If you are one of those individuals, accept my apology. Following are simple instructions on what you’ll need to do to obtain your medical records, or, if you were an established patient of Dr. March, to follow him to his new practice location in Rowley at North Shore Physicians Group.

Our phone and fax numbers are no longer in service, and the Athena Portal is no longer functional. This web site is the only link to the information you will need to expedite your medical care options from here on. Our mailing address -65 Newburyport Turnpike, Newbury MA 010951- remains valid for now. Mail is still collected for HFP at this address.

Thank you for your many years of loyalty and patronage.

- Dr. Jonathan March & all the HFP staff -


Questions and Answers regarding our closing:
updated 09/05/2018

What do I do about my records if I need them to go to a new PCP and/or I want my own personal copy?

You must sign a HIPAA compliant medical release form -one form and one fee per patient, one form and one fee per single  recipient/destination- indicating to whom you wish records to be sent to. Records are only released in a single format to the the single recipient named on the form.  Please do not write in a second recipient and/or records format. An individual form and fee are required for each format wanted and for each recipient you want records to go to.

If you use another practice's records release form, instead, you must authorize Holistic Family Practice, Inc. as the authorized entity releasing the records. Do not name another practice and do not name a former provider of the practice.

All requests must be accompanied by a check made out to Holistic Family Practice, Inc.for the amount of $20 PER PATIENT/FORM/FORMAT. No requests can be processed without this pre-payment fee. There can only be one patient's records named and only one recipient and one format named on each form.

If you do not designate a new PCP, but want your records for yourself, we will reproduce and release them to you via a data CD OR a digital download, but a fee will be required to be pre-paid at the same time we receive your records release form. Please indicate on the form your preference: either a digital download or a data CD.


the form with your pre-payment fee check to Holistic Family Practice, Attention Medical Records, 65 Newburyport Turnpike, Newbury, MA 01951.

If you need to contact our records contractor regarding an issue with your records request/records, click here. 


If I choose to transfer my medical care to NSPG (North Shore Physicians Group) in Rowley, how do I do this?

Call NSPG at (877) 892-7707 to make sure your insurance allows them to be your PCP.

A downloadable version of their records form to fax/mail or drop off to NSPG in Rowley is available here. Note: Leave the section for "PATIENT MEDICAL RECORD #" blank. 

Mail their completed form to North Shore Physicians Group, Attention Jackie, 
414 Haverhill St, Rowley, MA 01969.

Once NSPG has your signed NSPG authorization form, please contact their central registration at  (877) 892-7707 FIRST BEFORE calling the Rowley office location at (877) 379-5522 to schedule your future appointments.
There is presently no fee for records if transferring to NSPG in Rowley. Do NOT use their form unless you want you records to go to NSPG. Do NOT mail their form to Holistic's Newbury office address. You must mail it to them at 414 Haverhill St., Rowley, MA 01969.


What is happening with Kate de Kanter, FNP and Lynne Henning, FNP? 

Kate and Lynne are both now at
Coastal Medical Associates.


Will the Newbury building remain open for business after October 1st, and what will become of the other ancillary providers there (e.g. Ranan Cohen and Joan Flynn)?

The building closed for all business as of 4:00 PM on Friday, September 29th, 2017. Ranan and Joan are now at 11 Market Square (Unit 8, 2nd Floor), Newburyport, as of September 1st Joan can be reached at 978.499.3955. Ranan can be reached at 978.499.3855 downtown, or either at 603.659.2528 (home office) or at 603.431.6677, x 240 at Whole Life Healthcare.

Read the letter from our partner providers,  Ranan Cohen and Joan Flynn.


 Holistic Family Practice, Inc.